What Our Clients Say


"Mady has been working with me for several months and my body is responding very well. I am experiencing less pain - am more relaxed, and sleeping better. Her massage with essential oils is the best."

— Rev. Norma Howe

"Having Mady work with me is a gift of healing I give myself … I have benefited by her massages, raindrop therapy, and energetic matrix work. With just one massage she corrected a tight left hip so that I am now able to lift my leg to wash my foot. During the energetic matrix treatments, I noticed a peace that was profound. Mady worked on me while I had the flu and within a half hour after she left, I was aware that I could take deep breaths again. I don't know how this works, I only know that it does, and I am grateful."

— Ellie Gantt, Teacher's Aid

"At first I was skeptical, but I was very sick and willing to try anything. After 3 sessions, I got amazing results from Quantum. It showed me things I felt were happening in my body but wasn't sure of. I began to get better & better as I watched myself progress on the computer and watched my mental attitude change to the positive."

— Barbara Winkler, Artist

"Experiencing kidney failure and dialysis daily, I was uncertain that Mady could help me. After 2nd session I realized there was something special about her work. I began to realize that there was hope. In a matter of weeks I was able to sleep without the aid of prescription drugs and I reduced my number of dialysis treatments. My family and friends have noticed an overall improvement in my appearance, health, mood and energy levels. Since that day I have been a believer and supporter of the work Mady has done for me and my family and friends. I have nothing but positive things to say about Mady."

— Derrick Curtis, Dance Instructor

"When I came to Mady, I had vision blurriness and a heavy, hazy feeling in my head, ears and sinuses. I had been to my doctor who prescribed me antibiotics for a sinus infection. After 3 different types of antibiotics, I had a fever and was very achy. My doctor said I was a mystery to him and suggested I see an allergist. I argued that I had a fever. He argued it was allergies. My daughter had a friend over whose mother picked her up and asked me how I was. I told her I had just hung up the telephone very frustrated with my doctor. She told me I should call Mady. Mady could help me. She had helped her with swimmers ear. I called Mady and made an appointment for the next day. I had no idea what I was in store for. To my miraculous amazement, I not only started to clear up during and after Mady's first treatment, I also learned so much about why I had these symptoms and how toxins, metal and dies— also environment, stress, emotions, etc. affect our bodies. Mady is wonderful. She told me my battery was low and she is recharging me. I was too acidic, giving the pathogens a field day to grow in. After my treatments I'm tasting food that tastes better, I'm sleeping better than I have in years, I'm waking up more rested than I can remember in years, I'm feeling exhilarated, clearer, less clumsy. I feel like I'm younger and than how I used to feel and I'm more loving, caring and patient with my husband and children. I love Mady!"

— Karen Pelletier, Cosmetologist

"Mady is an intuitive, gifted healer. She has empowered me to take care of myself and with her knowledge and hands-on care helped me to be more vibrant, healthy and happy."

— Trudi Olsen-Curtis, Teacher

"I appreciate the unique healing methods that are provided in a caring way. I also appreciate the fact that the whole person is taken into consideration i.e. the physical, emotional and spiritual level."

— Hanny Reusche

"Through the use of Quantum I have become aware of how everything we do to ourselves relate to the body. Everything we choose or are exposed to has an affect upon the body. Quantum is able to show the client and the practitioner these effects. Mady Widyasurya knows the Quantum thoroughly and is an expert in its nuances and how it applies to an individual's body."

— L.A., Santa Barbara

"The SCENAR treatments I have had from Mady Widyasurya through Perfect Balance have afforded incredible opportunities to heal parts of my physical body and brain. I experienced first and foremost the serontonin-enhancing qualitites of working with Scenar: a sense of well-being, reduction of stress and anxiety and elimination of depressive symptoms, as neurotransmitters were balanced. Also, I received great benefits from SCENAR applied to my knee area; this knee pain made walking very difficult but it was eradicated after two treatments. Although SCENAR has many applications, for me it energizes and stabilizes the body, as well as the brain - giving me a sense of vitality and radiant energy, restoring me to greater health and well-being!"

— Kay Turbak, MFT

"After abdominal surgery and slow recovery, I called Mady for an energy session. Afterwards I experienced peace, deep relaxation, healing and a sense of well being. Also, increased sensation in the area. I would highly recommend her work."

— Leila Stephens, ND, Ph.D.

"Mady is a highly talented healer who has done her homework and then some. Her ear coning work is exceptional. The results for any client who is so fortunate as to experience Mady's work in this area can cover a wide range of benefits. These may include: immediately clearer hearing, a better sense of balance, more clarity, and a greater sense of well-being. Additionally, there can be a profound blessing throughout one's entire system that is hard to describe in words, but completely tangible. All I can say is: "Trust this woman. She knows what she is doing, and will do very good things for you if you put yourself in her capable hands."

— JN, Santa Barbara Lawyer

"After abdominal surgery and slow recovery, I called Mady for an energy session. Afterwards I experienced peace, deep relaxation, healing and a sense of well being. Also, increased sensation in the area. I would highly recommend her work."

— Leila Stephens, ND, Ph.D.

"I have seen Mady as a practitioner of ear coning and energy healing work for 5 sessions. The work was extremely valuable to me because it greatly assisted me in clearing a plugged sinus and ear condition. The energy work was also of great assistance in restoring flexibility to my left hip/leg socket. There is also a very soothing or calming effect that her work brings to my consciousness by the end of each session."

— Jim Ness, Facilitator

"The first thing I noticed was how good it felt. Mady's energy is like the archetypal Great Mother... very nurturing."

— Bonnie Paul, Graphic Designer

"Last year when I came for my first ear coning I did so without knowing if it would contain any benefits for me. I have a sinus condition which seems to erupt on a change of season basis, so I gave it a try. I had read in one of the health magazines that certain people enjoy some relief from sinus problems through ear coning. The sinus infection I experience sometimes creates an inner ear problem which results in equilibrium loss. Your treatments with me have given me a greater relief than I first anticipated. Even though I feel that occasional sinus throb, I have not been subject to the 3-4 day endurance of them I did in the past. Since I am my body's only expert and notice benefits to mine from the ear coning practices, I would heartily recommend it for others to try."

— Francesca de Angelis, Publisher

"Raindrop Therapy: the raindrop therapy sessions have become a vital part of my protocol for maintaining my health and vitality. It is also an important tool for creating balance and aligning my energy bodies. Mady and raindrop therapy have helped me integrate and ground transformational experiences, as well as open a doorway for the next phase of initiation to begin.Ear Coning: For many years I had a blockage in my right ear. Through ear coning and raindrop therapy that block is now gone. If I am traveling and unable to receive my monthly session, I notice immediately by the condition and comfort of my ears."

— Phoenix Djukic, Life Coach