The Body's Innate Intelligence


The more connected we are with our sense of Self, our heart or we can call it also
more attuned with ourselves, the more we become aware of different types of feedback
our bodies bring forward.

So far, the general approach is to look at our bodies as a “machine” or “engine” because
it is fulfilling certain functions without needing our instructions: breathing, digestion, urinating etc. and is therefore taken for granted for its “automatic” functions.

Although, it is important to bring forward that every person on this planet, has their own way
of relating to the body and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

What does work is: attunement and/or listening to our body’s messages to find out what kind
of messages our body is sending us.

The more we listen and act on the feedback/messages our bodies sent, the better our relationship with our body.

This is just a start to healing body, mind and Spirit...