Healing vs. Cure

When someone treats a physical symptom as a condition that needs to be cured, then the focus is mainly on the physical body level. There is nothing wrong with looking for a cure, since it is always desirable to cure a physical condition no matter how small. Sometimes, that is all we need to cure a cut or a bruise or any physical symptom.

Yet, another aspect is healing. which is a process that may take months if not years depending on the condition to be healed. There are different levels/areas of healing, requiring different approaches. 

 Healing a trauma for example may require many different approaches, including the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and this is part of our healing journey and why we came here on this planet. This type of healing can and/or may be a life long journey for some of us. The result can be very uplifting and transformative.

Then there is also healing of a chronic condition: sometimes including chronic pain as well. Most of this type of healing can be exploratory because we don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes, it is only at hindsight that we learn about our situation/condition and of course that  is part of the healing as well, although the approach can be medical, holistic, spiritual, energetic or any combination of the above.


The above article is just a synopsis of a bigger process and is based on my personal experience as a facilitator for healing in body, mind and spirit.

 - Mady