Meet Mady




I am dedicated to facilitating your path to greater health and wellness. The process involves an initial assessment to create a coherent path to therapy that encourages/stimulate healing in body, mind and Spirit, while uncovering the underlying causes of disease.

This approach is individually tailored to fulfill every one’s needs to support personal growth, individual expansion, understanding and healing at the deepest level that any one is able or willing to look.

To your health,

Mady Widyasurya

Mady Widyasurya is a Board Certified Holistic Health Pracitioner with the AADP (American Association for Drugless Practitioners) with a specialty in Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. A licensed Massage Therapist, she is also certified in diverse modalities such as the Quantum Biofeedback for SCIO, the ancient Japanese Healing Arts of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Ericksonian Hypnosis

Additionally, she is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and holds 2 Masters Degrees, one in Spiritual Psychology and one in Spiritual Sciences. Mady has recently completed a Doctorate program in Spiritual Sciences and is currently doing research and working on her doctorate treatise, as well as attending a Post-doctoral ministerial study. She is also a fully accredited Scenar Therapist in association with the Russian School of Scenar.

Mady’s latest acquisition of an imaging equipment, the Polycontrast Interference Photography or PIP imaging invented by renown British Scientist Dr. Harry Oldfield, is another testimony of her belief in non-invasive methods of healing.

Mady is an ordained minister of Light through the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, a non-denominational church. Through her commitment to and decades of experiences in Personal Growth and Spiritual Development, she combines consciousness counseling with her energetic healing therapies to facilitate optimal health, growth and healing for those who are seeking to manifest excellence and higher consciousness in their life.

Having lived in Asia, Europe and Australia, Mady brings a refreshing blend of diversity in her hands-on approach to healing arts. She combines her talents and intuition with the speed, efficiency and precision of cutting edge bio-energetic  technology instruments.

She has appeared in several health related TV interviews in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, and is dedicated to bring greater healing and awareness to our ability to tap our inner power through hands-on bodywork, energetic healing and education.

Last but not least, Mady is dedicated to a life of service to uplift the planet and humanity. She a local chapter representative for the Santa Barbara Heartfelt Foundation, a service organization dedicated to sharing the healing power of heartfelt caring.